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Family Law

Going through a family law matter involving divorce, couples can disagree on many issues including: property division, child custody, child support, and visitation. Many a divorce attorney in Austin specializing in divorce can tell you that divorcing parents and their children are better off to have an agreed divorce. Carl Selesky is one Austin divorce attorney that encourages spouses to try to come to an agreed divorce to avoid the unnecessary emotional and monetary costs of a divorce in Austin, as well as other areas in Texas.

An agreed divorce is one in which the parties resolve all their differences without trial and ask the court to approve the terms of their agreement. Agreed divorces reduce the bitterness that may exist between the parties and benefit everyone. There are more and more couples that even try to navigate through an agreed divorce without the aid of a divorce attorney; some succeed and some fail. Those who succeed may realize great savings and those that fail may have wasted their money and have to start all over again, having to use the services of a divorce attorney. Of course, family courts will hear any contested case and settle all disputed issues in a divorce; however, each party to a divorce should carefully consider if a compromise is possible prior to asking for a trial. One of the greatest benefits of seeking a meeting with Carl Selesky, an Austin Divorce Lawyer, is that you can have a free consultation to find out your legal rights in divorces in Austin, and Texas, and see whether an agreed divorce is right for you.

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